Win an NABC title without leaving home!

The NABC Online Individual is now stratified (Unlimited/2000/500). The next NABC Online Individual will be held in conjunction with the Hawaii NABC.
Check out these stats from the last NABC Online Individual:

  • Winner had under 1300 masterpoints and took home 48 more (16 gold). You don’t have to be a pro!
  • A Non-Life Master with less than 300 MPs placed seventh.
  • Over 1700 MPs were awarded in the event.


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Practice Tournaments and Lectures

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Playing with Robots

  • If you have any technical issue during the game please contact
  • The robots used are GIB robots.
  • The robots play a modified 2/1 system.
  • To view the robot system notes, please visit The robots sometimes deviate from notes if simulations lead them to other conclusions.
  • The robot’s understanding of what a bid means can be seen by hovering over the highlighted bid.
  • When it is a player’s turn to bid, the player can see what the robots think a bid means before making the bid. Please refer to miscellaneous point 32. If the bid is not highlighted, it means the robots have no special understanding or definition for that particular bid.


Conditions of Contest

Wondering what the tournament is like? Click here to read about Dimitri Bourilkov’s experience playing in the NABC Online Individual.