About the city

Dallas, also known as “Big D”, is the ninth largest city in the nation and covers 343 square miles. This southern sophisticated city attracts travelers from all over making it the number one destination in Texas. Dallas dates back to the 1840s when it became a major financial center in this part of America. Made famous by the tragic assassination of the President John F Kennedy in the Dealy Plaza, the city is also known for its major sporting achievements by the Dallas Cowboys, who have won the Super Bowl several times.

Dallas is also known for being the melting pot of cultures, religions, and lifestyles. The differences and uniqueness is reflected from the surroundings sights and sounds of the city. Dallas’s art, music, food, places of worship, historic landmarks, and urban lifestyles all contribute to mix of the city’s structure.

Much of the city’s sights to see are located around the downtown area and the historical West End. In Dallas’s West End, visitors can observe the world’s largest bronze monument at the Pioneer Plaza where the trails that brought the settlers and the cattle to market. Guests can also revisit the past at the Sixth Floor Museum, dedicated to the life and death of John F. Kennedy.

The Dallas Arts District, also downtown, is home to the Dallas Museum of Art and Nasher Sculpture Center. The McKinney Avenue Trolley connects this area to Uptown, where visitors can get a taste of local cuisine and pursue local art galleries.

For the Dallas nightlife experience, Deep Ellum provides bars, clubs, and restaurants for socializing. Attractive nightlife since the early 1900’s, this area served as the center for the Southwest blues culture and now provides live music, appealing food, culture, and art.