Reservations for the 2014 Spring NABC in Dallas, TX are now open. . The host hotel is the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

Sheraton Dallas Hotel


400 N. Olive Street

Dallas, TX 75201

Standard Room Rate


Hotel Indigo Dallas


1933 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

Standard Room Rate $119.00/night

Total distance from the Sheraton: .21 miles

Total time: 6 min


If you are a Player, click here to make your hotel reservations.

If you are a Patron, click here to make your hotel reservations. Patron Members pay an increased membership fee. If you would like to upgrade to a Patron Membership please contact the Membership Department at 662-253-3130 or Membership@staging.acbl.org.

To make reservations by phone, please call 855-742-9185, Option 1

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Child Care

Bring the kids along!

NABC Child Care Services are provided during the afternoon and evening sessions for the first Friday through the second Sunday including the national and regional events on the second Sunday. Special arrangements may be made for Morning KOs and Fast Pair events. Dinner and after hour sessions are also available.

The caregiver/child ratio is one caregiver for every three-five children (depending on the ages). Babies 3 months to 1 year require a one-to-one ratio. The children’s ages range from 3 months to 10 years of age. Additionally, there is a “Junior Sitter Program” for children 11-13.

Age-appropriate toys, games, books, activities, computer programs, music, arts and crafts, dramatic play and movies are provided. Field trips are planned throughout the week. There is a Pizza Party between sessions on Thursday and a Sleepover Party on the second Saturday. There are also bridge lessons and play prior to and during the evening sessions for those children interested in learning the game.

The cost is $25 per (bridge) session for the first two children and $40 per (bridge) session for three-four children. Babies 3 months to 1 year are $40 per (bridge) session.

For further information or to sign up your child, please contact Donna Compton at:

E-mail: cdmra@mindspring.com
Phone: 214-373-7055
Mail: 4744 Alta Vista Circle, Dallas TX 75229.

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The Sheraton Dallas Hotel is 21 miles from the airport. It will take approximately 26 minutes to arrive at the hotel.


An Airport Guest Assistant will be available at the taxi stands between 8:00 AM and midnight. Between midnight and 8:00 AM, you can dial (972) 574-5878.

Yellow Cab service at the DFW Airport is available at the upper level of each terminal except terminal D which is at the lower level.

Taxi service to DFW is $42.60 plus $2.00 per each extra person. Taxis are available 24/7 from the Doorman, or see the Concierge


GO Airport Shuttles operate from the front door every 30 minutes to DFW, from 530am until 430pm, or by reservation. Fare to DFW is $17; Love Field is $19. Click here for more information.

GO BusinessExec Town Cars and SUVs are available “on-demand” from the Front Door, or by reservation. Fares to DFW are $65 (Town Car) and $79 (SUV); Love Field rates are $55/$75

For return reservations, please visit the kiosks in the Hotel Lobby, or call 214-841-1900

Fares to downtown Dallas from the DFW airport are approximately $43.00

Fares to downtown Fort Worth from the DFW airport are approximately $46.00

Dart is a train in Dallas that goes in between the Sheraton and DFW. Click here for more information.


Let SuperShuttle pick you up from DFW or Love Field Airport and take to your hotel. One way trip from the airport to the hotels in the downtown area is approximately $18.00 for you one person. You can book your reservation online now and save $2.
Click here for Dallas Ft. Worth.
Click here for Love Field.

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Parking rates for a 24-hour period with unlimited in and out privileges are $17.85 for self-parking or $24.65 for valet. Hourly parking rates are available for day visitors.

Daily Valet:

  • Under 4 hrs – $15.30
  • Over 4 hrs – $19.55
  • Over 8 hrs – $24.65

Daily Self:

  • Under 4 hrs – $9.50
  • 2 -4 hrs – $12.75
  • Over 4 hrs – $17.85

Additional Parking:

Parking Distance and Time from the Sheraton Location Contact Location
Platinum Parking .21 Miles
6 Min Walking
719 Olive Street
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 871-6061
Click here for more information.
Lot 102 .22 Miles
6 Min Walking
2015 Federal St
Dallas, TX 75201
$10.00 Daily
Click Here for more information

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Handicap Accessibility

An Airport Guest Assistant will be available at the taxi stands between 8:00 AM and midnight. Between midnight and 8:00 AM, dial (972) 574-5878.

Travelers that need accessible taxicab service should contact Yellow Cab at (800) 444-6400 or online to visit their website click here.

Travelers in need of accessible shuttle service are available via Super Shuttle. You can reach their services at (800) 258-3826 or click here to visit their website.