The Sheraton Dallas Hotel is 21 miles from the airport. It will take approximately 26 minutes to arrive at the hotel.


An Airport Guest Assistant will be available at the taxi stands between 8:00 AM and midnight. Between midnight and 8:00 AM, you can dial (972) 574-5878.

Yellow Cab service at the DFW Airport is available at the upper level of each terminal except terminal D which is at the lower level.

Taxi service to DFW is $42.60 plus $2.00 per each extra person. Taxis are available 24/7 from the Doorman, or see the Concierge


GO Airport Shuttles operate from the front door every 30 minutes to DFW, from 530am until 430pm, or by reservation. Fare to DFW is $17; Love Field is $19.

GO BusinessExec Town Cars and SUVs are available “on-demand” from the Front Door, or by reservation. Fares to DFW are $65 (Town Car) and $79 (SUV); Love Field rates are $55/$75

For return reservations, please visit the kiosks in the Hotel Lobby, or call 214-841-1900

Fares to downtown Dallas from the DFW airport are approximately $43.00

Fares to downtown Fort Worth from the DFW airport are approximately $46.00