Some fundraising teams, like Unit 232 in Huntsville AL, plan to raise money for The Longest Day through ways beyond donations. For example, they are raffling opportunities to play with a local pro bridge player and the player who holds the most masterpoints in their club. There will be four consecutive bridge games played that day.

But you’re not limited to activities on June 21. The fundraising team has planned for a rummage and bake sale before that Saturday.

They are also selling stickers from their toolkit for $1 each. Those who purchase the stickers can write the name of a victim of Alzheimer’s, and it will be attach to a purple mesh wreath, which is displayed at their club.

To promote their events, the fundraising team has put up posters at the local senior center and other bridge clubs in North Alabama.

If you want to learn more about The Longest Day, register a team or donate to a team, click here.