Dear ACBL members,

ACBL Headquarters re-opened Tuesday, September 23, in a limited capacity. Many technical issues are still being addressed, and the staff is working to return phone calls and emails as quickly as possible.

The flood damage was quite extensive. The building was completely shut down for more than a week as water was pumped out, dirt and dust were removed and surfaces sanitized. Every item, including flooring, was removed from the building.

Repair and reconstruction has been divided into two phases with only half of the building being operational at a time. The repairs are estimated to take a minimum of two months, and we hope to be “back to normal” by Thanksgiving.

In the meanwhile, we will give it our all to serve our members as best we can under the circumstances. We have a dedicated customer service team here to assist you, and we appreciate your patience as we rebuild.

Thank you for the outpouring of support and your understanding during this very difficult time.

Robert Hartman