After taking on Sweden in the final round of the Damiani Cup in the 15th World Youth Team Championships, Team USA 1 finished in second place with a score of 237.5 IMPs to 185.

The championship final, which is played over 84 boards, broke on Friday with Sweden leading 153.5 to 135. Game play resumed Saturday with Sweden ultimately winning by 52.5.

Players on USA1 included Kevin Rosenberg, Oren Kriegel, Ben Kristensen, Chris Huber, Nolan Chang and Cole Spencer. The non-playing captain is Barry Goren. For the Damiani Cup, team members must be under 21.

In the Juniors (under 26) division, Norway beat the Netherlands with a final score of 203 to 159.5.

France beat China with a score of 239.7 to 195 in the females under 26 competition.

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