The 2014 United States Bridge Championship (AKA Open Trials) to determine the 2015 USA1 Bermuda Bowl team will be held in Phoenix Friday, May 9-18. The event will start with a two-day Round Robin, followed by four two-day Knockout stages. Three teams have byes to the Knockout stages: NICKELL and FLEISHER to the Round of 8 and GORDON to the Round of 16. Therefore, 11 teams will advance from the Round Robin to join GORDON in the 12-team Round of 16.

The final day to guarantee entry to the event was Monday, April 7. Because there were 12 teams in the Round Robin on April 7, entries will remain open until April 21 or until 18 Round Robin teams have entered if that is earlier.

To enter, log into the USBF website and click on “Enter Open USBC” under the User Menu. Any problems or questions, email Jan Martel.