The team captained by Louk Verhees which included three other members of the Bermuda Bowl champion Dutch team is on the sidelines as the round of 32 starts today in the Vanderbilt Knockout Teams. Verhees, Ricco van Prooijen, Sjoert Brink, Bas Drijver plus Kevin Bathurst and Daniel Zagorin were ousted 115-113 on Tuesday by the Chinese team led by Yanhong Wang.

The Verhees team was not the only high seed to fall on the first full day of the Vanderbilt. No. 9 Andrew Rosenthal was taken out by No. 56 Gaylor Kasle 154-138.

No. 12 Les Amoils fielded an all-star team that included Joe Grue, Fred Gitelman, Thomas Bessis, Brad Moss and Cedric Lorenzini of France, but it wasn’t enough against the No. 53 seed, an Indian squad led by Kirubakara Moorthy. The Moorthy team won 134-94.

No. 14 Mary Ann Berg was edged 85-82 by a Chinese team seeded 64th.