Dave Westfall and Craig Zastera, who formed their partnership 15 minutes before game time, overcame a sluggish start and a handful of disasters to rally in the second final session of the Leventritt Silver Ribbon pairs to win the championship by 81.41 matchpoints on a 77 top. Second place went to Bill Pollack and Mark Cohen.

Westfall, of Woodinville WA, is a retired software engineer. Zastera owns a winery – Grand Ronde Cellars – in Spokane WA. Zastera had a date for the game but his partner, Peter Herold, took ill and couldn’t play.

Westfall was on his way to the partnership desk when he spotted Zastera, whose face he knew from tournaments. They agreed to play a 2/1 game forcing system, but were not on the same page at first, suffering zeros here and there.

After the first day of play, they were in 45th place. Things improved in the first final session and climbed all the way to 8th place with a 61.87% game. Their 64.06% session in the second final put them in first place.