At a time when bridge is on the upswing, it’s not difficult to identify key players in the game’s forward progress. Many of them of them gathered at the NABC in Las Vegas to share their love of the game and devotion to promoting friendly behavior.

They are members of the Aileen Osofsky Goodwill Committee, charged with being out front in the campaign to make the duplicate experience pleasant for everyone.

ACBL President Phyllis Harlan told the group, “You are the best of the ACBL. You epitomize how every bridge player should be.”

A highlight of the meeting was the surprise introduction of the newest member of the Goodwill Committee – World Bridge Federation President Gianarrigo Rona.

When Harlan attached the Goodwill pin to his shirt, Rona said, “I’m here as a friend. I’m very proud and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will wear the pin proudly.”

Also at the meeting, Goodwill Chair Sandy DeMartino thanked the official members of the national committee, using a quote from Peggy Sutherlin during her induction into the ACBL Bridge Hall of Fame: “Bridge is great because of all of you.”

In addition, NABC Chair Bonnie Bagley, who represents the host district (17) on the ACBL Board of Directors, introduced each of her committee chairs and thanked them for the hard work before calling two of the volunteers to the stage for a special presentation.

Barbara Vasilevsky, volunteer coordinator, and Justine Hancock, worker hospitality, were given certificates. Vasilevsky was also presented with a Goodwill pin.

Said Bagley of the two, “They worked tremendously hard, and they would never say no.”