Monday, Oct. 5

The semifinal pairings for the World Bridge Teams Championships in Chennai, India, are as follows:

Bermuda Bowl (Open Teams)

Sweden vs. USA 2

England vs. Poland

In the quarterfinal round, Sweden defeated Bulgaria 223–202.5. USA 2 (Paul Fireman–Gavin Wolpert, Vincent Demuy–John Kranyak, John Hurd–Joel Wooldridge, Shane Blanchard npc) narrowly defeated China 238–236 when Hurd and Wooldridge were able to penalize Linlin Hu and Xiaoyi Li 1400 on the next-to-last board to give the U.S. squad the lead in the match. The Chinese duo then failed to take all their tricks on defense on the final board which would have caused the match to be tied.

In the other bracket, England defeated USA 1, 215–195. Playing for USA 1: Nick Nickell, Ralph Katz, Jeff Meckstroth–Eric Rodwell, Bobby Levin–Steve Weinstein. Poland outlasted France 211–197.

Venice Cup (Women’s Teams)

France vs. England

Netherlands vs. USA 2

In the quarterfinal match-ups, France defeated 232.3–184, while England – echoing their countrymen in the Bermuda Bowl – defeated USA 1, 225–184. USA 1: Jill Levin–Jenny Wolpert, Jill Meyers–Migry Zur-Campanile, Hansa Narasimhan–Judi Radin, npc Christal Henner, coach Jan Martel.

The Netherlands handled Italy 273.7–202, and – in another copy of Bermuda Bowl action – USA 2 beat China, 201–175. USA 2: Juanita Chambers–Joann Glasson, Lynn Deas–Beth Palmer,  Janice Seamon-Molson–Tobi Sokolow, npc David Sokolow.

D’Orsi Trophy (Senior Teams)

USA 1 vs. USA 2

Poland vs. Sweden

Both U.S. squads defeated their quarterfinal opponents to square off in the semifinal round. USA 1 defeated Norway 220–182.7; USA 2 prevailed against Ireland, 192–167.

USA 1 : Bob Hamman–Mark Lair, Reese Milner–Hemant Lall, Michael Rosenberg–Zia Mahmood, npc Petra Hamman, coach Jacek Pszczola.

USA 2: Dennis Clerkin–Jerry Clerkin, Jeff Aker–Doug Simson, Mark Tolliver–Marc  Zwerling, npc Kate Aker, coach Marty Bergen.

In the other bracket, Poland defeated England 219.5–196, and Sweden beat Australia 253–195.

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